Future You: Creating Balance for the best version of you!

Future You: Creating Balance

In the last advice blog for our Future You series, we want to tackle the focus word, Balance.   

We’ve been asking you to choose focus words for how you want to be and feel in the next 3 to 6 months – your Future You! Our goal at PARC is to inspire and motivate you to be active, happy and connected to become the best version of yourself, and creating balance is a great way to help you get there.   

Firstly, we believe that balance is something you can create. To achieve equilibrium in your life you will need to work at changing things, whether that is behaviours, priorities or even thought processes and mindset.   

So why is balance important? Balance is a way to stabalise our lives knowing that we have put the right amount of energy into the various elements that we prioritise, from nutrition, exercise, relaxation, sleep, relationships, family and time for yourself. That’s not to say that we all give an equal amount of energy to each of these, as at different times we may need to priortise some more than others. However, the balance comes from feeling comfortable with how much energy you have given to them all and the hierarchy you’ve set.  

A feeling of balance is going to be completely unique for everyone, and it all depends on what is going on in your life. In this blog we suggest ways in which you can help yourself prioritise what is important to you over the next 3 to 6 months and help create the balance you seek for your best self and your Future You.  


Nutrition and Exercise 

So many PARC members will say, ‘I don’t have time to exercise as much as I’d like’ and we will always provide the same advice. Aside from many other benefits of physical exercise we know and understand, being active is so unbelievably helpful for our mental health and productivity. Instead of struggling through work for 3 hours with a sluggish mind, take 30 minutes of that time to get moving and exercising, and you will find you are more productive in the time left.  

When it comes to the balance of nutrition, the best advice we can give to members is planning and organisation. Batch cooking is your friend, spend time at the weekend preparing lunches and dinners, which will then leave you more productive during the week. Our team are big believers in energy rich and delicious meals incorporating all the food groups, you can find some amazing recipes on our website. We’re also realistic about life and having balance means you can “treat” yourself at times as too much restriction is harder to maintain in the long run.  

If you’re not finding the right balance for you with nutrition and exercise we recommend making a PARC Check-in appointment or a Nourish appointment with one of our expert trainers. These are free for Full Access member. We can review your training workout and provide advice on helping you achieve your goals including advice around fuelling your body.  


Relaxation and Sleep 

We know from experience busy people will not find the time for relaxation and avoid sleep to be more productive. This is detrimental to creating balance and that is why we want you to understand the importance of rest and recovery, especially if you are putting a lot of energy into your exercise routine at the moment.   

An adult should have at least 7 hours sleep a night for optimal health. We know that some people can cope with less sleep than others, although really, they shouldn’t. Quality sleep comes from a good sleep routine, something we know is beneficial for children, is also great for adults. Screen free time to relax and device free time as you wind down for sleep is proven to help increase your sleep quality.  

We recommend setting yourself a bedtime ritual to calm your brain and set yourself up for a good rest. Mindfulness is a great practice for this, and we have lots of resources available to help you, from blog posts to meditation classes on PARC Your Way. 


Relationships and Family 

Social connection is so important for our holistic wellbeing, feeling connected and having a sense of belonging can help to drive our motivation and also make us feel good. This is why making time for family and friends to be with each other can help some people feel restored and more balanced. 

The challenge with this aspect is not over committing to social occasions and activities as this can have the opposite effect, feeling resentful and frustrated. To strike a balance it is vital to prioritise the social connection with what fits in with your schedule but not letting you get overwhelmed. Saying ‘no’ is a skill that not everyone has, especially when you know it will disappoint people, however by saying ‘yes’ you will be disappointing yourself and not creating the balance you need to thrive.  


Me Time 

At PARC we believe that this is what everyone should prioritise as we know it is often the last on the list for many. Carving out time for yourself is the most important way to create balance. When you are nurtured and looked after, it helps you to feel more energised and enthusiastic to tackle all the other elements in your life.  



Creating ‘BALANCE’ is an ongoing skill that takes time to achieve and may not always happen, however if you are putting it into practice for the Future You, think about what you need to give more energy to in the next 3 to 6 months. To give yourself more accountability remember you can write a letter to your Future self that we will then post to you in the future! Incorporate your focus words within that letter and you can reflect on how it helped you set an intention to achieve your goals! 


Write a letter to Future You

Write a letter to your future self, and PARC will post it to you in the future – to see how you are tracking against your health goals.By writing this letter and visualising your Future You throughout the year, it will keep you motivated and accountable! Plus, when the letter arrives in the mail, you can see how you tracked against your health goals.

Click here to write your letter via our website!


Let’s kick-start 2023 with a focus on your health and wellbeing. We’re here to help! Enquire now to join PARC. 

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This week is Men’s Health Week, an important time in the year to raise awareness in preventable health issues in men and encourage the early detection and treatment of diseases amongst men and boys. 

With only 27% of men being active enough to stay healthy, it's important to prioritise your health and get movement into your day. 

To help raise awareness for the week, we interviewed Mark. One of our very dedicated members of PARC who has gone through his own journey to become active and healthy in his life. We spoke about the start to his health journey, his relationship with the PARC community and why he thinks that men's health is so important.

To read our blog interview with Mark head to the link in our bio.

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We'd like to congratulate the following Peninsula Leisure team members for their nominations in the upcoming ARV award night! 

The Aquatic and Recreation Victoria Industry recognises outstanding achievement and commitment to the industry through an annual awards night. We are very excited to be recognising the following PL team members:

⭐️ Individual Nominations:
• Duty Manager: Mark Butterfield 
• Pool Lifeguard: Bailey Sullivan
• Customer Service: Claire Ford
• Swim Teacher: Shannon Gardner
• Swim Teacher, Infants: Kate Newton
• Membership Sales: Chris Rich
• Personal Trainer: Jesslyn Credlin
• Emerging Leader: Gaston Freddi

⭐️ Facility/Program Nominations:
• Innovative program: Active Pathways
• Community Impact: Activating Vulnerable Communities' project 
• Facility Management Award - Seasonal: Pines Forest Aquatic Centre

Good luck and well done to all! The Gala Awards in on 21 June so we will report back to see if any of these amazing team members have WON their categories.

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New Les Mills content has been added to PARC Plus, just in time for the long weekend! 

If you’re heading away for the King’s Birthday weekend or just not able to get into Centre, you can still keep up your routine with our own demand platform. We’ve added 20 new classes to our library, so theres something there for everyone! 🧘‍♀️🤸🏋️‍♂️

If you haven’t checked it out yet, you can access it via our website through the link in our bio. 

PS. Our studios will be closed this long weekend so please check our customer portal for our update group exercise timetable.

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We’ve just had our first entry into our My Purpose Challenge! 

One of our dedicated members has filled out 16 stamps meaning that they have come everyday to PARC since our challenge started. They’ve earned their entry into winning one of 100 exclusive PARC gym bags! 🎉🎊

You can find the challenge entry box for your card at our reception.

PS: If you’re completing the challenges on the second side of the card, make sure to hold onto it so we can record your results in week 6!

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Just another friendly reminder for our King's Birthday Public Holiday Opening Hours.
We’ll be open Monday 10 June, so come on down for a splash with the family!
Centre: 7am – 7pm
Waterslides – 10am – 6pm
Café: 8am – 5pm
Childcare – Closed
PARC Swim – No Lessons

Group Exercise – 
Studio 1 & 2 will be closed for maintenance works from Friday 7 June – Monday 10 June. The maintenance works will ensure that the studio floors are tip top, and continue to be safe for everyone to workout on! 

We have organised an updated timetable so you can still attend your favourite classed. Visit the link to our Xplor Customer Portal in the link in our bio.

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