About Celina

Celina has almost ten years experience in the fitness industry and there is nothing that gives her more joy than seeing the release of endorphins and the positive impact regular and consistent training has on people both mentally and physically.

Celina values educating clients on all the valuable knowledge she has gained over the years to help them progress and understand the importance of exercise for a good quality of life. The main areas she specialises in are strength and functional training, HIIT, and suspension. She has a body positive approach to training and always strives to achieve clients goals and create new ones along the way for a lifelong journey.

Celina always ensures each session is tailored to build a strong foundation of correct movement as well as improving postural alignment to prevent injury. With her friendly, approachable and bubbly personality every session will be something to remember but also know that she has been known to be a smiling assassin!


  • Certificate 3&4 in fitness
  • Bachelor of Human Nutrition Certificate in Suspension training