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About Carol

Carol‘s focus is on educating her clients to have a more sustainable approach to their health and fitness goals and walk away from the all or nothing approach. Carol prioritises working with her clients to have a more positive mindset, that carries over to other areas in their life!

Carol’s passion is in Strength Training and helping her clients get stronger, not just physically but also mentally. Improving their confidence in the gym. Her calming warm persona helps the most intimidated clients feel at ease in the gym.

Carol has been a successful runner as well and has run several fun runs, half marathons and played women’s soccer for over 15 years.

‘I believe being consistent is the key and that’s where the magic happens.’



    • Certificate III & IV in Fitness
    • Certificate in Training Menopausal and Perimenopausal Women
    • Trainer Level 1; Kettlebells & Suspension ropes