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Meet Elizabeth – Blog 2

Exercise is my happy place. It is where I’m most calm and relaxed. I’ve tried meditation but for anyone that knows me, I struggle to sit still. So I’ve managed to work out that if I do sport my antsy body doesn’t have to worry about sitting still and I can calm my mind down and just focus on the exercise and breathing. Even if I’m in a gym full of other people it feels like my own space, which is real estate gold to any parent.

I have not done reformer pilates for years but I know pilates is great for rehab so I decided to give the class a go. I lay down on the reformer bed and assumed “tabletop” position. As I looked up I realised that my right leg was noticeably shorter than the other. Obviously the surgery has placed the femur further down into its pelvic socket. It was noticeable enough that my girlfriend next to me said “wow look your legs are a different length”. Great, now all I need is an upper back hump and I’m good to go for Halloween this year.

The class was easy to follow and you can grade your bed with springs to increase or decrease the resistance. These are the kind of classes that are great for all fitness levels as everyone can have the setup that suits their own requirements. Also, because everyone is lying down no one can really see what you are doing so when you struggle to look synchronised and graceful (I do struggle with this on a regular basis and I don’t have to be in a reformer class) its not as embarrassing. This was a great workout for my abdominals and I was happy to feel muscle soreness the next day – always an indication that I’ve had a good workout.

My personalised PARC gym program has been fantastic and I’m managing to get in more exercise without making my hip ache too much. There is a point at which I do get frustrated. Constant hip pain radiates down my leg and into my foot. For the last 3 years has been annoying to say the least and although most of the time I try not to think about it, sometimes I lose my cool and have a little cry and feel sorry for myself. The good thing about the PARC is that I can see other people working out that obviously have their own “health demons” and it makes me feel less alone. So, if you see me working out, don’t be a stranger and please say hi. I’m always up for a pre- or post-workout coffee in the café downstairs and maybe we can encourage each other on whatever personal journey brings us to PARC.

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🏊‍♂️🏊‍♀️ Youth Summer Swim Intensive, 8 - 12 January 🏊‍♂️🏊‍♀️

❓ Do you know a 13 – 17 year old who isn’t confident around water?
❓ Has your teenager missed out on regular swimming lessons growing up? 
❓ Do you want your teen to gain water safety skills so you can all enjoy going to the beach and pool parties? 

This January, PARC is offering a fully subsidised 5-day Youth summer swim program. 
This program is for teenagers aged 13 years to 17 years old who do not regularly participate in swimming and water safety lessons and wish to gain skills to be safer in and around water. The 5-day intensive program will group teenagers in like levels for progressive and age focused activities, aimed to improve swimming fitness and practise in water safety and rescue techniques. 

This is a really important age group for water safety awareness, with beach sessions and pool parties coming up over summer. 

WHEN: Monday 8 January – Friday 12 January 
TIME: 45minute sessions, between 10.30am-1.30pm 
WHO: Youth aged 13 - 17 years old
COST: Fully subsidised 
RSVP: Learn more and book in for free via our website here: 
Make sure you select the ‘PARC Swim Vision’ tab to see the full information and complete the form.

Any questions? Please email 

#parcfrankston #pinesfrankston @frankstoncity #learntoswim #summerswimprogram Frankston Youth Service #FrankstonCity
🎄PARC Christmas Hours 🎄

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18 Dec - 23 Dec: Hours as normal
Sunday 24 Dec: 7am-6pm
Monday 25 Dec: CLOSED
Tuesday 26 Dec: 7am-7pm
27-30 Dec: Hours as normal
Sunday 31 Dec: 7am-6pm
Monday 1 Jan: 7am-7pm
Jan 2 and beyond: Hours as normal

For a more in depth breakdown on the services available please see our website! 

🚨 REMINDER: PARC closing early on Saturday 9th December 🚨

PARC will be closing at 6pm on Saturday 9th December as our staff enjoy their end of year Christmas function. 

Please allow for extra time in planning your workout or swim as the centre will close an hour earlier. 

We will open at 7am as per normal operating hours on Sunday 10th December.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

Christmas sweet treat, anyone? 🍭🍬 

This is your sign to try our cafe special next time you’re in!! It’s the silly season, so come and try our special Santa shake! It’s rolling out fast this month 🎄🎅🏻 

#PARCFrankston #santashake #christmasmilkshake #yum #foodie
Still looking for the perfect gift for a special someone? 🎁 We've got you covered! 🤩

Gift your loved one something from the Peninsula's award winning recreation centre and support them in building happy, healthy habits. 

We have loads of different gift ideas from our retail range, personal training, memberships, swimming lessons, gift vouchers and more! 

Visit us in Centre to see our retail range, or let our friendly team help you purchase a voucher for your special someone. Or, check out our website and purchase a membership online. 

#PARCFrankston #christmasgift #giftinspiration
Time to re-enrol for Childcare! 🧸

A friendly reminder to enrol your child into childcare again for 2024. Everybody needs to reenrol, even if you regularly attended this year. 

You can download a copy of the form on our website. Link in bio. 

Thanks for your cooperation

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